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See if we’ve answered it already below on our FAQ! Believe it or not… we get all sorts of crazy questions about what types of material we buy, if we offer container service, how we make money, how we charge, etc. Check out our FAQ below for answers to the questions we’re often asked. If you have any specific questions, please call us at 804-271-1239 or contact us online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Are you open during the current situation?
Yes. We’ve changed how we do business for the time being, but it’s as easy as ever to Get Weighed and Get Paid!
2Do I get paid on-site?
Yes… immediately!
3How do I get paid?
We pay either via cash or check. We do have a limit on cash payouts. If you have a rather large load, we will probably pay you via check. This is on a case by case basis.
4How do I know what my materials are worth?
Prices fluctuate daily for just about every type of product/material we buy. We always recommend you call us at 804-271-1239 or contact us online to get today’s pricing for whatever you have to recycle. For immediate answers, call us.
5What type of materials will you purchase?
See our “What We Buy” page for a complete list of the materials we purchase!
6What types of materials will you NOT purchase?
Things like lead, batteries, cars (not broken down), complete A/C units, tanks, bottles (anything with fluids or liquids), beer kegs, railroad scrap, anything radioactive. We must abide by strict EPA guidelines with regards to anything involving chemicals, liquids, etc. If you bring us car parts, we can recycle most of them. Bring us a complete car? We will most likely turn you away. If you bring us parts of an A/C unit, we can recycle them. If you bring us a complete A/C unit, we will most likely turn you away. Call us at 804-271-1239 for specific questions, so we don’t waste your time or ours.
7I’ve never been to Smith Iron and Metal. How does the process work (IE… Get weighed and Get Paid)?
You roll onto our scale through our “Scale Entrance.” We weigh you, give you a ticket, and direct you to the appropriate area to offload whatever materials you have. Depending on the amount and type of materials, we either unload your scrap by hand, by magnet or by crane (the claw). You then pull back through and get weighed again, and take your updated ticket to our cashier. We will know exactly what you brought, and pay you appropriately for your materials!
8Do I need to bring any ID?
Yes. Absolutely. We record information for every load that comes into our recycling center.
9Can I bring you stolen goods?
No. Don’t even try it. We regularly communicate with the Richmond City Police Department, and keep detailed records of everything you bring us. Don’t waste your time. We report our daily loads and customers to the police nightly.
10Do you charge for container services?
11Do you offer container service for industrial accounts?
12How does the container service pick up process work?
You call us when your container or containers are full, and we either switch it/them out or pick them up and return them to our location.
13How far away from your location will you go for container services/pickups?
Generally, within about 60 miles of our location in Richmond. However, for long standing accounts or large pickups, we do make exceptions. Call us to discuss the details if this applies to you!
14If we call you in the morning to pickup a container, how quickly can you pick it up from us?
We always strive for same day pickup. Rarely is this not the case. If you call us at 11 am on Saturday morning (knowing we close at 12 noon), we may not be able to pick up your container that day. Usually, however, we pick up the same day.
15Do you offer dump trailers and flatbeds?

Thanks for checking out our FAQ!

Have any questions we haven’t addressed on this FAQ? Get in touch! Just call us at 804-271-1239, send us a message on Facebook or contact us online to discuss your needs.